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Leading SEO Industry educators Robin Nobles and John Alexander announce that they will be expanding their popular hands-on SEO skill-building workshops beyond North America into Asia in November. Nobles and Alexander welcome Mr. Fabian Lim to their training network as their first international associate SEO educator, who will be teaching students locally in Asia. The latest expansion of Robin Nobles and John Alexander’s SEO certification workshop classes are now going to be offered in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. John Alexander, Director of Search Engine Academy explained that "Robin and I are very happy to have Fabian Lim joining our family of licensed associate educators. With Fabian’s assistance in Asia, we anticipate hearing and seeing many great success stories from his Asian SEO students.

Fabian Lim is by no means just starting out in the SEO industry and he has already been training in Asia for quite some time

Alexander provided an overview of Search Engine Academy plans to bring SEO training to the local business communities across the country saying, "For nearly 6 years now since January 2002, we have been focusing on conducting small, SEO Mastery Workshops in locations all across North America through Now with the introduction of Search Engine Academy, we are going to bring our real world hands-on SEO training classes to the people in their own business communities." 

"Fabian Lim is by no means just starting out in the SEO industry and he has already been training in Asia for quite some time" stated Alexander. He has in fact trained nearly 1,000 students so far since the beginning of this year. The difference now is that he will be teaching the exact SEO skill building workshops in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, that we are teaching over here in communities across North America. Robin Nobles is a pioneer in SEO training and she created the very first comprehensive SEO skills building program to ever be recognized and approved by the US educational system. 

Robin and I have conducted our 5-Day SEO Mastery Workshops in places like Las Vegas, Orlando, Boston, Louisiana, New Orleans, Tennessee as well as places like Toronto Ontario and Vancouver BC. Then in 2005 we began to build the Search Engine Academy family of training schools. We now have SEO training being conducted in school locations like Tampa Bay, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Albuquerque – New Mexico, Arizona, Orange County – California, Michigan, Seattle, Oregon as well as Oakville – Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. Each of our SEO educators is personally trained and mentored by Robin Nobles and I to ensure the SEO skills workshops are conducted with the maximum effectiveness. 

Our students graduates do exceptionally well with the 5-Day hands-on SEO workshop which we also offer a 6 month mentoring program for ongoing support. In the last few years, we’ve had students come to study with us from places as far away as Asia, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel, Africa, Italy, Belgium as well as from places across the USA and Canada. With our newest Search Engine Academy associates, we have solved these issues by bringing our schools to local communities across USA. Now we are pleased to announce that our network of real world training locations is expanding beyond North America and internationally to include Asia. 

Each Search Engine Academy Training center is focused on serving the local business community with the latest SEO research and a step by step workshop approach. Fabian Lim is a respected expert on keyword research. 

For more information about Search Engine Academy – Asia, the course agenda and details can be found at: 


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    I am writing this letter to find out the dates for the next SEO training course. Asia search engine academy's website states that it was held on 22 may. I am interested in this course and would like to know if there are any dates available for this year for the course. I would also like to know if the course fees are covered under the PIC scheme.

    Looking forward to your swift reply.

    Thank you!



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