Free Click Book Lite

I'm happy to announce that a Lite version of my upcoming book Click! Work Anytime, Live Anywhere is available for download. I’ve divided this book into five main parts.

Part 1 uncovers the radical mindset shifts I’ve experienced over the years to become an Internet millionaire. You’ll learn my private mind-optimization strategies and discover how to think like the New Rich!

Part 2 reveals the new rules for entrepreneurial success that I’ve uncovered over these years. You’ll be utterly shocked as I blow the lid off traditional business wisdom and expose exactly how you’ve been lied to your entire life.

Part 3 unveils my ultimate wealth secret that has enabled me to create a nice fortune on the Internet without spending a penny on advertising. You’ll learn how to use this secret to create new products and get traffic and more customers literally for free! Plus… you’ll learn how to leverage this wealth secret to uncover hidden assets and overlooked opportunities to turn bits and bytes into real profit.

Part 4 talks about how I use cutting-edge tools to increase my time management, productivity, and efficiency. You’ll get a private sneak-peek at what’s in my laptop and iPad…and the exact tools that I currently leverage to manage my multi-million dollar Internet empire.

Part 5 relates to my philosophy on outsourcing. I go into detail, outlining the common mistakes newbies make when outsourcing: what to outsource, what not to outsource, and, most importantly, how to outsource so that your business automatically grows. You’ll also find lots of useful templates and FAQs.

And much more!

You can get Click! Work Anytime, Live Anywhere LITE Edition from this link:

Search Engine Optimization Pricing – The Cost of SEO Services Around The World

The average hourly cost of SEO services around the World is between $76-$200/hour. That’s why Search Engine Optimization is still a profitable skill to possess and master!

Have trained thousands of people in Search Engine Optimization, it was nice to discover this infographic comprising research results in the SEO industry.

It is heartening to know, for example, that the average hourly cost of SEO services around the World is between $76-$200/hour. This is 10 times the hourly rate compared to working at McDonald's!

For 43% of SEO firms who charged on a per-project basis, their median SEO project pricing was found to be between $1,000 and $7,500.

And the most interesting data revealed in this survey was that there were a handful of SEO projects in the more matured economies like USA, UK and Canada where the SEO per-project cost exceeded $100,000!

As Google continues to unleash new Panda and Penguin algorithm updates in the attempt to thwart spammers, the SEO game will get tougher and tougher.

This is good news for those of us who continue to invest our time deepening our SEO knowledge. Because if you want to win in the search engine war, you need to ensure that you are able to create value to both Google and its visitors better than the rest of our competition.

Interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization or attending an SEO course?

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seo pricing
Infographic by SEOmoz & AYTM Market Research





















Recover Lost Or Stolen Laptop, Phone & Tablet Easily With PreyProject

FREE anti-theft software that helps you find, lock and recover your device when stolen or missing. For Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad & Android.

In a paperless society like today, our laptop computer holds an increasing amount of confidential business information, while our mobile phone holds critical business and personal contact information. As such, the question we need to ask ourselves is “What happens if either device is lost or stolen?”

Fortunately, there is an answer: PreyProject.

With PreyProject, you’ll be able to register and remotely monitor up to three devices under the Free plan. In the event your device is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to log in to your PreyProject to report the device as “missing” and trigger a number of related actions, including:

–       Alarm (that will sound for thirty seconds so you can find the device if nearby).

–       Alert (to let the “thief” know he’s being tracked by showing him an alert message).

–       Lock (to prevent the computer from being accessed until a password is correctly entered).

–       Secure (hides email(s), deletes cookies, and stored passwords for all accounts).

Fabian’s Tips:
PreyProject also allows you to remotely connect the computer to an open Wi-Fi signal and take a snapshot of the screen, as well as a snapshot of the user via webcam. I highly recommend you start installing PreyProject on your devices as soon as possible!

For more information:

Two Free Apps to Help You Maintain Focus: SelfControl & FocalFilter

Time Management Tip for the Day:

For people who spend too much time browsing social media sites and lack self-control, use SelfControlApp (Mac only) or FocalFilter (PC only) to block yourself from distracting websites:

SelfControl (for Mac only):

FocalFilter (for PC only):

Keyword Research Pro

I recently pre-launched Keyword Research Pro Version 3.

This brand-new version of Keyword Research Pro, first launched in 2009, is now available in Adobe AIR format.

Adobe AIR, being a multi-format platform, allows Keyword Research Pro to run on multiple computer operating systems.

This is great news because this makes the software compatible with BOTH PCs running on Windows and Macs running on OSX.

Our goal for Keyword Research Pro V3 is simple… it is to make it the ultimate keyword software in the market.

If you perform keyword research at least once a week (which you should if you want to make a serious income online), this software will pay off in TWO WEEKS.


Because it is first and foremost an EFFICIENCY tool, designed to automate most if not all of your keyword research activities.

For example, the primary website of choice to determine keyword volume in Google is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (GAKT):

Ever since Google released actual monthly search volume figures in April 2008 last year, the AdWords Keyword Tool has made it so much easier for internet marketers to estimate monthly search volume by keyword.

However, use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool long enough and you’ll realize that it can be quite time consuming to save selected keywords in a file for future analysis.

In addition, GAKT does not provide you with basic competition information like allintitle: (for SEO).

These additional information need to be fetched manually – and this is another time consuming task!

Imagine entering ‘allintitle:your keyword’ 100 times in!

How long will you take to complete this task?

The good news is Keyword Research Pro helps you perform all the above tasks much faster and much more!

Consider Keyword Research Pro the software version of the Google AdWords Keyword Tool!

You can learn more about Keyword Research Pro here: