Camtasia “Chipmunk” Audio Bug Fix

If you produce web videos with Camtasia Studio, you would by now be aware that Camtasia produced videos (created in swf format) have an audio bug that creates a "chipmunk" sound when the video is being played back.This audio bug occurs due to Camtasia flash content being played on the latest release of Flash player (v9.0.115.0).

No wonder my voice sounded "chipmunky" in my Camtasia recorded videos. The good news is I just discovered a fix to this problem and am now applying the fix to all my online Camtasia-recorded videos.

The fix seems to work fine for my videos. 

Phew! Check out one of my "fixed" videos on my Amazon Sleuth software website.

Adobe (creators of Flash) is aware of this audio bug and is working on a fix to stop this problem.

Techsmith, creators of Camtasia Studio has in the mean time released a fix to this audio problem, and included it in their Camtasia 5.0.2 update.

However, if you wish to fix previously recorded Camtasia swf videos, you can download and install a special utility.

Both the Camtasia 5.0.2 update and special utility can be found here.

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