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I recently pre-launched Keyword Research Pro Version 3.

This brand-new version of Keyword Research Pro, first launched in 2009, is now available in Adobe AIR format.

Adobe AIR, being a multi-format platform, allows Keyword Research Pro to run on multiple computer operating systems.

This is great news because this makes the software compatible with BOTH PCs running on Windows and Macs running on OSX.

Our goal for Keyword Research Pro V3 is simple… it is to make it the ultimate keyword software in the market.

If you perform keyword research at least once a week (which you should if you want to make a serious income online), this software will pay off in TWO WEEKS.


Because it is first and foremost an EFFICIENCY tool, designed to automate most if not all of your keyword research activities.

For example, the primary website of choice to determine keyword volume in Google is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (GAKT):

Ever since Google released actual monthly search volume figures in April 2008 last year, the AdWords Keyword Tool has made it so much easier for internet marketers to estimate monthly search volume by keyword.

However, use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool long enough and you’ll realize that it can be quite time consuming to save selected keywords in a file for future analysis.

In addition, GAKT does not provide you with basic competition information like allintitle: (for SEO).

These additional information need to be fetched manually – and this is another time consuming task!

Imagine entering ‘allintitle:your keyword’ 100 times in!

How long will you take to complete this task?

The good news is Keyword Research Pro helps you perform all the above tasks much faster and much more!

Consider Keyword Research Pro the software version of the Google AdWords Keyword Tool!

You can learn more about Keyword Research Pro here:

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