PPC Classroom Review

PPC Classroom, the latest "how-to" internet marketing product launced on 25 September 2007. Developed jointly by Anik Singal (the "pretty" face behind the project) and Jeremy Palmer, the Million Dollar Affiliate, PPCClassroom is going to be one of the "must-have" products for serious pay-per-click affiliate marketers. If you have been visiting my blog this year, you’ll notice I’ve been rather "quiet" – and I have a good reason for my "inactivity" (more on this later!) The other thing you’d notice is I have NOT RECOMMENDED ANY "HOW-TO" PRODUCTS in 2007! Probably THE ONLY exception I’ll make is for PPC Classroom – Because I had the good fortune of reviewing a "pre-release" version of the product and my first impressions were certainly very very good! For example, unlike many other internet marketing products that provide "high level" strategies, Jeremy Palmer gives you the low-down details – information that only a "practioner" who’s on the ground would know and experience, and Jeremy holds nothing back! One of the most valuable bonuses Jeremy is offering, in my opinion, is the EXACT list of affiliate programs he is promoting – totaling 135! (I personally think Jeremy is crazy for revealing his EXACT affiliate programs – because he’s gonna face a HUGE FLOOD of competition once his customers get their hand on his affiliate program list!) The other very valuable information he’s gonna reveal is a list of over 20 of his ACTUAL LANDING PAGES i.e. complete URLs of his ‘live’ PPC campaigns. Frankly, any one of these stuff he’s revealing is already worth the price of his package. And did I mention this is a physical course that he’ll be shipping to your doorstep? I’ll fill you in with more details on the PPC Classroom Review in the next day or two – but for now, start tightening your spending on non-essential items and start saving some dough, cos’ this is ONE product you’ll want to get your hands on. I know I DO! If you want to learn ‘in-the-trenches’ pay-per-click affiliate marketing tactics, learn it from Jeremy Palmer – because he is the "real deal" when it comes to pay-per-click affiliate marketing! Fact: Jeremy generated a whopping USD1.4 million in affiliate commissions in 2006 and is the winner of Commission Junction’s Horizon Award! This is certainly an amazing feat! Once thing I’m certain – For Jeremy to be able to manage such a massive affiliate business requires him to formulate and adhere to an efficient and effective system he can use day-in-day out! And this is exactly why I’m so excited – because not only will Jeremy be revealing the exact system he uses to manage his Million Dollar affiliate business, he’s also going to offer you use of a custom-made tool he uses to create and manage his affiliate campaigns! This tool, in my opinion, is worth the entire price of his course! Other than the custom tool, PPC Classroom will also consist: – A step-by-step multi-module workbook that literally "takes-you-by-the-hand" – A list of his actual 135 money-making affiliate programs he is currently promoting – 101 keyword lists – Interviews with his super affiliate friends – Video tutorials – A Free 2-Day Seminar in Las Vegas – And much much more! To find out more about PPC Classroom and how you can qualify for the my 6 Weeks Affiliate "Brain Dump" Tele-Coaching Session Valued At USD4,800 for FREE And Grab USD1,376 In Exclusive Bonuses At The Same Time, visit ths site: PPC Classroom Horizontal - 468X60 - Banner 1 Fabian

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